Whilst they are generally accessed from Saillans and St Barthélemy-du-Gua, it is from Prelenfrey that you have the impression of a balcony above Grenoble and Trièves. From this small, charming village, the first stage of the road travels towards the south, via a fairly steep climb through the forest to reach the Col de l'Arzelier (1,154 m).

At the foot of the Deux-Soeurs cliffs, you get the full impression of the road ahead by looking towards the south. You then have a crazy descent to the village of Chateau-Bernard (905 m), which is worth a new stop. The road becomes more winding, with a fairly regular altitude up to St Andéol. Here you will find a wide, 360 ° panorama. Then another climb along a balcony road towards the Col des Deux (1,220 m), which offers new panoramic views towards the north over the Ménil.

You arrive at Gresse-en-Vercors, an essential stage of the trip, which would even be a pleasant place to spend the night to enjoy the highest village in the Vercors. Next, climb towards the Col de l'Allimas (1,352 m) where you can make a long stop facing the Mont Aiguille, the true monument of the area. You will keep an eye on it for a long part of the winding descent to St Michel-Les-Portes, but you will be quickly distracted by the quality of the local architecture, firstly at the hamlet of La Bâtie, then at St Michel-Les-Portes.

Your itinerary could stop there, on the edge of the N85, but we encourage you to continue towards the south, then turn towards Chichilianne to admire the view and the location which seems to watch over the Mont Aiguille with pride. It is highly likely at this stage that you won't ever want to leave!

Route du Balcon Est © OZanardi