From Plan-de-Baix, the road hugs the large Vellan cliff before descending in a few turns to the Moulin de la Pipe. A place full of history, the Watermill owes its name to a miller at the start of the 20th century, nicknamed "Jean de la Pipe" for his pipe smoking. In 1918, the Moulin became a guest house, after the 1914 flood swept away the canal, dam and Mill installations.

Several owners followed over the years. An industrial dairy industry even took place there from 1936 to 1983 alongside the guest house run by Georgette Charbonnel, a true local celebrity who indulged tourists and inhabitants from 1936 to 1985. For decades, the Hotel Restaurant le Moulin de la Pipe was a meeting point for fishermen, hunters, card players, boules players... and a stopover for tourists.

After this stop, you enter really into the gorges, with 3 km of meandering route. There are so many things to discover that it is tempting to continue on foot: the Pissoire waterfall, the Baume Noire, the access to the Pescher, the welcoming banks of the Gervanne, the Tuf waterfall... At Arbods, the gorges open suddenly onto the Combe d'Omblèze and its many hamlets dominated to the north by the Roc de Toulau and the Col de la Bastille.

Depuis le Vellan