The High Plateaux Nature Reserve

Unique with its 17,000 hectares, the Nature Reserve located between an altitude of 1,050 m and 2,341 m is subjected to very contrasted climatic influences, as the hinge between the Northern and Southern Pre-Alps. It is a region that has voluntarily been left wild, with only limited development, making it an incredible preserved space that is shared, managed and regulated. It is an ideal region for the study of fauna, flora, geology, the climate...

Reserve naturelle des hauts plateaux

The Ambel plateau

With its vast prairies, beech forests and luxuriant clearings, Ambel is a place rich in history, mainly linked to the French Resistance movement in the Vercors. Today, it is a vast mountain pasture classified "Sensitive Natural Area" (specific regulations) and owned by the Drôme département, with magnificent open spaces that invite discovery.

Plateau d'Ambel

The Jarjatte valley

This majestic site, classified "natural protected site" by the French Government, stands out for the originality of its jagged summits, and the unique beauty of this resolutely alpine valley. Sculpted by the agricultural activities that take place and marked by human presence, it contrasts with the high wooded slopes and rocky cliffs that encircle it, including the highest point in the Drôme, the Rocher Rond at 2,453 metres.

Lus la Jarjatte Lionel Pascale