Canyoning in the Vercors

The water has sculpted numerous gorges and canyons with varying difficulties in magnificent sites. Canyoning is a subtle mix of mountain sports, calling on climbing, potholing and white water sports techniques... You advance by alternating jumps into deep pools, abseiling descents down waterfalls and slides down natural toboggans, all in a preserved mineral and plant environment.


The main canyon in the Vercors :

  • Canyon des Ecouges (St Gervais - Rovon)

  • Canyon du Furon (Engins, Sassenage)

  • Canyon des Moules Marinières (St Andéol - St Guillaume)

  • Canyon du Léoncel (Oriol-en-Royans)

  • Canyon du Versoud (La Rivière)

  • Canyon du Rio Sourd (Treschenu-Creyers, Glandage)

  • Mouna Pellas (Gresse-en-Vercors)

  • Canyon de la Comane (Chamaloc)

Canyoning dans le Vercors ©A. Gelin

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